Venue: Toruń / Bulwar Hotel, Poland
Data: December 2016
Attendees: 40 people

It was our pleasure to work for Filtron once again. This time their top clients visited Toruń and stayed in the Bulwar Hotel.

The event started with a conference. Then, guests went on a sightseeing tour, including the Olbracht Brewery, where they tasted various beer types. Another attraction was the visit to the Live Ginger Bread Museum and a unique workshop organized there.

We also prepared Christmas gifts for Filtron clients, comprising regional delicacies. There was plenty of everything! Salad oil, tinctures, sweets, cold cuts. Everything provided by local suppliers.

The highlight of the evening was a concert by Szczerbate Zajączki, a jazz trio, and a performance by top Polish stand-up comedians, including Michał Kempa.